Friday, September 22, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

I've not stopped posting, I've just been very busy the last week or two. I hope to be back in full swing either the middle or end of next week.

Just a few thoughts I've had lately:

1) NC needs a zero point budget. Take this year, our state collected more tax money than expected, so what did our people in Raliegh do? They expained the size of our state government. Why? Was that the smartest thing to do? In my opinion, no! What happens if for the next year our economy drops just a little? The tax money will not be there to support the growth in government forced on us. So then what happens, Raliegh will raise taxes, create new user fees or impose more "temporary" taxes that just never seem to go away. With a zero point budget every penny would need to be justified as needed before it is given out each year in the budget.

2) I don't like the UN. I've not liked it for a long time now. I believe that America should withdraw our membership and then have them withdraw from our soil.

3) What is it about South Carolina crazy people and bunkers and dungeons? Scary stuff going on across the border.

4) I heard on the radio the other day that a proposed bill in Washington would pay for a border fence if Mexico agreed to it and that it didn't detract from the landscape. What?!? Someone must have took a stupid pill that day.

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