Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hillsborough Deputy Called A Hero


HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. -- When the sounds of firecrackers and gunshots pierced the air at Orange High School last Wednesday, the school's resource officer, Corporal London Ivey, moved into action.

The deputy told WRAL he knew right away something was wrong.

"I looked and saw a hole in the window and said, 'That's a bullet hole,'" said Ivey. "I knew someone was shooting. I walked out and I saw Castillo in the parking lot."

First, Ivey and drivers education teacher Russel Leblanc hustled students inside the building. Then, they headed straight for 19-year-old Alvaro Castillo. The pair had to cross 75 yards of open pavement to reach the armed teenager.

During his 12 years with the department, Ivey has rarely pulled his gun. Last Wednesday, he didn't hesitate.

"I told him to lay down his weapon," said Ivey. "He laid down the rifle, he let the shotgun slide down his body. Then I told him to get down on the ground and he got down on the ground."

I can go along with that. He did his job in the face of danager. You can read the rest of the article in the extended section.

Ivey admitted that he was scared.

"Well, yeah ... I mean, anybody who says they weren't scared would be lying to you," he said. "But, at that point, I couldn't let being scared get in the way. His objective was to hurt the kids at the school and I wasn't about to let him reach his objective."

Ivey said being called a hero is not something he's entirely comfortable with. However, that's exactly how people think about him around the town of Hillsborough.

"(Ivey) did his job and he did his job in the face of danger," District Attorney Jim Woodall told WRAL. "I truly believe (Leblanc and Ivey) saved lives last week."

Ivey insisted he was doing what any good deputy would do.

"I'm paid to protect and serve those kids, teachers and that school," he said. "I just happened to do it good that day."

Castillo is currently at Central Prison on suicide watch. He is scheduled to be in court again Sept. 11.

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