Wednesday, February 22, 2006

About 1492


1492 is a reference to my home county of Columbus in southeastern North Carolina. I bet you can guess the connection between 1492 and Columbus, so I won't go into details there. I started this blog the end of 2005 to cover my interests. So far must of the topics covered are of a national political flavor and NC politicals with regional news coverage. I've written a little about movies, TV and such.


I've been active on the internet for years and visited several blogs regularly. One of my favorites is Rob and his friends covered international, national and if you live in North Dakota local news. After being unable to find a similar blog for NC, I decided to give it a shot myself.

1492 isn't my first website, I've had several from pc tech support to gaming to condo rentals, but it has been one of the most challenging.

So far I've enjoyed blogging on 1492 and feel that the site has grown and matured over the last several months. 1492 still needs some work and I've tried to get a couple of friends to help with the content of the site but work and family schedules are too tight for them at this time.


The night I decided to do 1492, I searched for a free blog host and Blogger was the first one to come up and that's how I picked it. At first I used one of Blogger's two-column designs but being a fan of three-column layouts, I started to play around with the template. I soon grew tired of things not coming out right and searched for a new template on Google. I found one that I liked and started to use it. After a short bit of time I started to notice problems with the layout, some elements just won't coming out right. I played around with it for a while but could never get all of the items to be correct in a browser, so off ot Google I went in search of another template. And that's when I found the one I have now. It's Thur's Templates blue blogger, 3-column design with floating positions. I've done some moding to the template and so far with only a couple of minor bugs I think the template is great. I'ld like to add a banner for the title. The only thing holding me back on that is that I've yet to had time to design an image to use (any suggestions are most welcome.)

Blogger Description

This is a blog on some of what I find interesting. Local, State (NC) and Nationial politics will be the main focus of this site, with a splash of sports, tech, computers, books, sci-fi, tv, movies and whatever else catches my eye.

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Comments on "About 1492"


Anonymous Rob said ... (23 February, 2006 04:20) : 

Thanks for the kind words about Say Anything, David, and good luck with 1492. Looks like you've got a good start already.


Anonymous Judge Bill Gore said ... (08 March, 2006 14:32) : 

David, I'm glad someone local has decided to create a site including Columbus and regional political issues and personalities.This has been needed for a long time in our area. I hope you will help educate your readers about the important, but little understood or noticed, statewide appellate court elections. 2006 will be a'blue moon' election year in that the ONLY statewide elections will be the NC Court of Appeals and the NC Supreme Court, and that 4 of the 7 Supreme court justices will be elected this year. I an very impressed with the layout and content of 1492. Keep up the good work!


Blogger David said ... (10 March, 2006 22:43) : 

Thank you Judge Gore. I hope to increase the quality of 1492 to make it a more useful site. Right now working on trying to get some interviews with people running in some of the local races (time permitting).


Anonymous Charlie said ... (16 May, 2006 10:30) : 

Is it really you -- Phil and Eunice's son? If so, drop me a line. This is Charlie -- as in your old business partner and friend. Love the 1492 blog -- especially the local news & regional info. GOOD JOB!


Blogger David said ... (16 May, 2006 22:26) : 

Charlie, wrong David. David D. Inman and I went to school together. I've not seen him since he moved years ago.

Thanks for the comments.


Blogger Erik Mann said ... (05 August, 2006 21:19) : 

great topic, keep up the great posts, MMA


Blogger David said ... (06 August, 2006 14:34) : 

Thanks Erik for the great comment.


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