Monday, November 28, 2005

It’s about time…

…Bush took a stance against illegal immigration into the US – story here.

A senior administration official said that the president, in a speech on immigration, will focus on three areas: border security, enforcement and a temporary worker program.
The official said the president will talk about "additional resources and the use of technology to secure the border," and will discuss it in terms of national security and the economy.
Bush also is expected to raise the issue of interior enforcement. The administration official said that includes "interior repatriation," or returning illegal immigrants from Mexico to the interior of the country instead of on the other side of the border.
In addition, the president will talk about adding beds to detention facilities "so we aren't catching and releasing illegal immigrants."
A third component, according to the official, will be Bush's proposal for a temporary worker program that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain legal status. The president first introduced the idea in January 2004.

Basically Bush is calling for tougher border control measures, including new high tech detection units, sending illegals further back into Mexico instead of right over the fence and having detention areas to hold large numbers of illegals. Sounds nice, but if an illegal alien does get through then they can sign up for a temporary worker permit and work in the US for 6 years with the government’s blessing. Can you say, political double speak? Good. That’s like saying it’s illegal to break into the local bank after hours, but if you do and get away, just stop by your local fed’s office sign this slip and keep the cash. Sounds dumb don’t it?

The issue of illegal immigration has been one of Bush’s weakest areas. This is one of the few issues that have caused a disturbance in the Republican Party. As a libertarian, I believe immigration is needed to keep the country infused with new ideas, plus without some form of immigration in the past, I wouldn’t be here right now. But I do not believe in open free flowing borders between the US and it’s neighbors, especially following 9/11. I would like to see anyone that wishes to visit the US or move here to do so, as long as they do it legally and follow our laws once they do. I also support English as our national language and think that those wishing to live here or are living here now should learn it.

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Blogger David said ... (28 November, 2005 16:24) : 

Boortz rang in on this issue.


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