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Tookie Crap

Just so you will know who Tookie Williams was:

Stanley Tookie Williams III (December 29, 1953 – December 13, 2005), was a co-founder (with Raymond Washington) and an early leader of the Crips, a notorious American street gang which had its roots in South Central Los Angeles in 1969. In 1981, Williams was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1979 murders of four people in two separate incidents.
While in prison, Williams maintained his innocence, refused to aid police investigations with any information against his gang, and was involved in attacks on guards and other inmates as well as multiple escape plots. In 1993, Williams began making drastic changes in his behavior, and became an anti-gang activist while on Death Row in California, renouncing his gang affiliation and apologizing for the Crips' founding. He co-authored children's books and began programs to prevent youths from joining gangs. [1] A 2004 biographical feature film entitled Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story featured Jamie Foxx as Williams.
On December 13, 2005, Williams was executed via lethal injection amidst debate over the death penalty and whether his anti-gang advocacy in prison made for genuine atonement.
Transcripts show that next Coward and Sims followed Williams and Darryl to the 7-Eleven market located at 10437 Whittier Boulevard, in Pico Rivera, California. The store clerk, twenty-six year old Albert Lewis Owens, was sweeping the store parking lot. When Darryl and Sims entered the 7-Eleven, Owens put the broom and dustpan he was using on the hood of his car and followed them into the store. Williams and Coward followed Owens into the store.
Court records show that as Darryl and Sims walked to the counter area to take money from the register, Williams walked behind Owens, pulled the sawed-off shotgun from under his jacket and told Owens to “shut up and keep walking.” While pointing the shotgun at Owens’ back, Williams directed him to a back storage room and ordered him to lie down. Coward said that he next heard the sound of a round being chambered into the shotgun. He then heard a shot and glass breaking, followed by two more shots. Records show that Williams shot out a security monitor and then killed Owens, shooting him twice in the back at point blank range as he lay prone on the storage room floor.
The Yang family, who were immigrants from Taiwan, included husband Yen-Yi Yang and wife Tsai-Shai Yang. Both were well over sixty years old. One of their children, Yee-Chen Lin had recently joined them from Taiwan. The family worked together operating and maintaining a motel called the Brookhaven in South Central Los Angeles.
According to court transcripts at approximately 5:00 AM on March 11, 1979, Stanley Williams entered the Brookhaven Motel at 10411 South Vermont Avenue. After entering the hotel lobby area, Williams broke down the door that led to the private office. Inside the private office, Williams shot and killed 76 year old Yen-Yi Yang. Williams then shot and killed Yang’s wife, sixty-three year old Tsai-Shai Yang. Lastly, Williams killed Yang’s daughter, 43 year old Yee-Chen Lin, after which he emptied the cash register and fled the scene.
Robert Yang, son of Yen-Yi and Tsai-Shai, was asleep with his wife in their bedroom at the Brookhaven Motel when he was awakened by the sound of somebody breaking down the door to the motel’s office. This sound was immediately followed by the sound of a female scream, followed by gunshots. When Robert entered the motel office he found that his mother, his sister, and his father had all been shot, and noticed that the cash register was open and money was missing. It was later determined that the robbery of the Brookhaven Motel robbery/murders had netted Stanley Williams approximately one hundred dollars. Paramedics transported Yee-Chen Lin to Centinela Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 7:36 AM.
According to the forensic pathologist, Yen-Yi Yang suffered two close range shotgun wounds, one to his left arm and abdomen, and one to the lower left chest. Tsai-Shai was shot twice at close range. The pathologist explained that one shotgun wound was to the coccyx, or tailbone, and the other shotgun wound was to the anterior abdomen with the charge entering at the navel. Yee-Chen Lin was shot once in the upper left face area at a distance of a few feet.
Witnesses testified that Williams referred to the victims in conversations with friends as "Buddha-heads", a derogatory term for Asians, particularly Japanese.

Tookie was not a very well behaved inmate until ’93, for a list of the things he did in prision see the Wiki article. Did he deserve the death he received, I say yes. The only problem is that it took so long in coming. Our death penality is not a deterrent for criminals, how can it be when you sit on death row for 20+ years. For it to be a deterrent the criminal needs to be executed quickly, I’ld say within 5 years. Then it will be a factor. And this crap about pardens and clemency is junk. The man was accursed, put on trial found guilty and had a sentence handed down to him. Politicians should have no say so in it. But in Tookie’s case I feel that the governator did the right thing. And look at the bright side, there is $25000 a year the taxpayers of California are now saving.

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Tookie To Get A “Statesman’s” Funeral
By Rob on December 14, 2005 at 2:04 pm
I honestly don’t understand why the anti-death penalty crowd is making Tookie their posterchild. The man was convicted in a fair trial with an overwhelming amount of evidence. There is not one shred of evidence to suggest that he was innocent. And rehabilitated? Please. He maintaned his innocence until his death. The first step to rehabilitation is admitting that there is a problem. Tookie couldn’t admit it.
Yeah he wrote a few children’s books and spoke out against gangs. Big deal.
I’m not in favor of the death penalty (I think it is too expensive, and there really is no deterrant effect), but if I were the Tookie Williams case would hardly be one to change my mind.

Europeans Ticked Over Tookie Execution
By Rob on December 13, 2005 at 12:33 pm
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VIENNA, Austria - California’s execution of Stanley Tookie Williams on Tuesday outraged many in Europe who regard the practice as barbaric, and politicians in Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s native Austria called for his name to be removed from a sports stadium in his hometown.

At the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI’s top official for justice matters denounced the death penalty for going against redemption and human dignity.

“We know the death penalty doesn’t resolve anything,” Cardinal Renato Martino told AP Television News. “Even a criminal is worthy of respect because he is a human being. The death penalty is a negation of human dignity.”

Capital punishment is illegal throughout the European Union, and many Europeans consider state-sponsored executions to be barbaric. Those feelings were amplified in the case of Williams, due to the apparent remorse they believe the Crips gang co-founder showed by writing children’s books about the dangers of gangs and violence.

Leaders of Austria’s pacifist Green Party went as far as to call for Schwarzenegger to be stripped of his Austrian citizenship — a demand that was quickly rejected by Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel despite his government’s opposition to the death penalty.

“Whoever, out of political calculation, allows the death of a person rehabilitated in such an exemplary manner has rejected the basic values of Austrian society,” said Peter Pilz, a Greens leader.

In Schwarzenegger’s hometown of Graz, local Greens said they would file a petition to remove his name from the southern city’s sports stadium. A Christian political group went even further, suggesting it be renamed the “Stanley Tookie Williams Stadium.”
“Mr. Williams had converted, and unlike Mr. Schwarzenegger, opposed every form of violence,” said Richard Schadauer, the chairman of the Association of Christianity and Social Democracy.

Unfortunately for these international critics the State of California is still a democracy. The death penalty for murder is a punishment that has been put in place by the representatives of the people of that state and it was applied by Tookie Williams by a jury of his peers after a fair trial.

What would have been a real miscarriage of justice is if Gov. Schwarzenegger had set aside the punishment chosen by the people of California for no reason other than a personal, moral objection to it.

December 12, 2005
Tookie Williams Denied Clemency
By Rob on December 12, 2005 at 3:26 pm
Gov. Schwarzenegger has denied Tookie Williams clemency from the death penalty.
Rev. Jesse Jackson is already fired up about it.

My reaction: I’m glad his execution will be carried out. While his attempts to right in captivity the wrongs he committed while free, there sincerity have to be called into question. After all, this man is fighting for his life.

Plus, guilt is guilt. This man was duly convicted of murder by the laws of this country and the State of California. No amount of good deeds after the fact can undo that. Let him face the punishment that was alloted to him by a jury of his peers.

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