Thursday, January 26, 2006

Boortz on Richt's $2 mil Contract

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The University of Georgia has signed a contract with head football coach Mark Richt that will pay him a guaranteed salary of $2 million a year. There's reportedly another $400,000 in incentives buried in there. Now you probably think that I'm going to go off on some sort of tear about how horrible it is that a university .. an institution dedicated to learning ... would pay a football coach so much more than it would pay a Nobel Prize winning professor --- if, that is, UGA even had a Nobel Prize winning professor. Well ... I thought about it, and figured out that I would be off base. Don't blame the university, and don't blame Richt. He's done one helluva job, and some other college would love to have him. Blame the alumni. Blame those Georgia graduates who, not unlike graduates of other colleges and universities, judge the worth of their alma mater based on the record of the football team. The more the football team wins, the more the money starts flowing in from the alumni. In the final analysis, Mark Richt and the Georgia Bulldogs serve as a glorified squad of fundraisers. It's sad that alumni gauge the worth of their school on the record of it's football team ... but that's the way it is, and UGA has to play that game.

By the way ... Richt is great guy. More power to him.

Don't you know the english, economics and history professors are hating him today.

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