Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Boortz Won't Be Watching Bush Tonight

Neal's Nuze

He'll have the platform [...] and he'll say very little. I'm not expecting to hear anything other than "the state of the union is strong" and a few ideas for expanded government programs, some additional spending on this, that or the other thing, how we're going to continue working to make America safe and secure. New ideas? Don't look for them. An earnest attempt to reduce the size and the influence of the Imperial Federal Government of the United States in our lives? Don't hold your breath.

It's no secret that I would like to hear something about tax reform. The current tax code in this country is killing us. No, those words aren't too strong. Our American economy is slowly collapsing under the burden of an onerous tax system that punishes the very activities our economy needs. In just the past few weeks we've heard several warnings and items of bad news. Warren Buffet, a man who some would say knows a thing or two about finance and our economy, is warning that the biggest danger facing our financial well-being isn't the huge federal deficit or the price of oil. The biggest danger is our trade deficit. Just yesterday the news arrived that our savings rate is at its lowest point since the great depression. You want a reason? As for the trade deficit, blame our tax code. The simple and brutal fact of the matter is that there is no major economic power in the world that places the tax burden on its business and industry that the United States does. You do realize, don't you, that these corporate taxes are a simple fraud. They're all a device to convince the American people that our wonderful elected officials have chosen to relieve us of a portion of our personal tax burden by transferring that burden to evil and greedy corporations. Our pathetic inept system of government non-education sets up Americans to believe such nonsense. As for personal savings, the tax code punishes us there also. You have to pay taxes on all the money you save, and then you have to pay taxes on all the interest you earn! Wow! What an incentive!

A long article from Neal that sums up very clearly some of Bush's weaknesses. Once again I agree with Neal. You can read the whole thing on his site.

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