Friday, February 10, 2006

Death Row Stats For NC

On the Big Talker the other day I heard Brunswick county Representative Bonner Stiller talk about the the death penalty committee he is a part of. I missed a lot of what he said but what got my attention was some stats he gave. I've email Mr. Stiller but untill he returns my email I'll post the stats as best as I can.

This committee is looking in the racial fairness of the death penalty in NC and rather the death penalty should be stopped or continue in NC.

The committee is focusing on 2 groups of inmates on death row, white and black.

From what Mr. Stiller said and to the best of my memory out of the total number of murders committed by these 2 groups about 60% is committed by blacks and 40% by whites.

Out of these 2 groups the inmates that are charged with first degree murder and then recieve the death penalty is roughly 60% black and 40% white.

Now sitting on death roll you have 57% black and 43% white.

End of stats and onto my opinion.

No where in these stats do you see any type of racism? Yet there are many in this state that say that too many black men are on death row and that that is racist. And for this "reason" the death penalty should be halted in the state of NC. Bull crap. Each year there are fewer and fewer executions and for this reason executions loose their efectiveness.

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