Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No Justice For Terri: Morales Execution Put On Hold

Prison authorities called off the execution after failing to find a doctor, nurse, or other person licensed to inject medications to give a fatal dose of barbiturate, said Vernell Crittendon, a spokesman for San Quentin State Prison.

"We are unable to have a licensed medical professional come forward to inject the medication intravenously, causing the life to end," he said.

It was unclear when the execution would be carried out, but the delay could last for months because of legal questions surrounding California's method of lethal injection.

The 24-hour death warrant for Michael Morales was set to expire at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday. After that, state officials have to go back to the trial judge who imposed the death sentence in 1983 for another warrant.

What a load of crap. If I was in Cali and was lincensed to do the deed would be done. I heard earlier that he original judge no longer supports the death penalty in this case, so it looks like he just gets life.

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Blogger Subcomandante Bob said ... (22 February, 2006 14:26) : 

More on California's next move in the death penalty case involving Michael Morales.


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