Friday, April 14, 2006

DEA Agent Shoots Himself In View Of 4th Graders

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An undercover DEA Agent has now suspended for a week without pay, after video surfaced on the internet showing him shoot himself in the foot while giving a gun safety lecture to a group of Orlando fourth graders. During the lesson, the agent goes through a safety routine and even asks another agent to verify that the gun is not loaded. The agent, holding a Glock 40 handgun, referred to how rappers who tend to boast about this type of gun, and even hold it incorrectly. With the gun pointed downward, the firearm misfired and the agent shot himself in the right foot. Despite the shock and injury, the agent continued his lesson warning kids about the danger of accidental shootings, like the one they had just witnessed.

Sources close to the investigation suspect the video was leaked from someone inside the DEA.

The agent is sueing the government for leaking the tape and blowing his cover. My question is how undercover was he if he is going around to schools wearing huge DEA letters on his vest. Dummy.

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