Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Immigration Plan

What to do with illegal immigration? That is the topic of legislature bills, news stories, blogs and the water cooler. Since no one in government has stepped forward with a plan, I’ve came up with a compromise is deals with illegal aliens here and border security.

Just to show you how much of a compromise it is for me, I’ll share my views on the subject. All illegal aliens are criminals. The minute they stepped onto American soil they where law breakers. Therefore I believe that they should be sent back to their country of origin. Although I’m a libertarian (neo libertarian actually) I believe in strong border control. That being said I want it known that I’m in full support of legal immigration. And one thing I want to address is that I’m not an immigrant, yes someone in my family years ago, immigrated to America but it wasn’t me. I just wanted to share that with those that claim America is a country of immigrants.

Now for phase 1 of my compromise. It is crazy to try and deal with those illegal aliens already here while you allow thousands more to pour in every month. So the first action would be to lockdown the border for roughly 1 month. To do this, the National Guard, the Minutemen Project, border control and some limited elements of the US regular military (UAV operators and other techs) will patrol the border 24 hours a day. Anyone caught crossing during this time will be fingerprinted, photographed and returned over the border without the future possibility of legal immigration. To be fair to those across the border a warning will be issued on Spanish radio stations broadcasted into Mexico 2 weeks in advance of the lockdown. Once the border is as secure as we can make it then phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2 will be the setup of temporary immigration centers throughout the US. TV spots and radio ads will announce the located of these centers in English and Spanish. All illegal immigrants in America who wish to stay here need to report to these centers in the 1 month window of their operation. Once at a center, they will register, receive temporary immigration cards, be photographed, fingerprinted, submit to a background check, provide their current address and employment status. Once the background check is cleared then they get to submit an application to become citizens of the US. There will be no fast track to citizenship given. Those that are living off the state and have no job have 1 week to find employment or be deported. If you are here to work then you must work.

Phase 3 will be opening job centers on the border. Immigrants can come to these centers and after background checks and registration be matched to a job in the US allowed to enter the country and go to work. Job matching will be done the capitalist way. Private companies will set up ways to find work for immigrants and help them get to the work. The details of how to do this will be left to the company. Anyone caught trying to cross illegally will be turned away and registered in a database of people not allowed to immigrate to the US. Anyone of our guest workers that commit crimes or refuse to work are sent back across the border.

Reasons for this compromise:
1 is the logistics of removing 11+ million illegal aliens out of America.
2 is the impact on businesses that use immigrant labor.
3 is I really am a nice guy, sometimes.

I know this plan isn’t perfect, but it’s closer to perfection then what’s coming out of Washington.

What do you think?

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Comments on "My Immigration Plan"


Blogger Longstreet said ... (02 April, 2006 09:56) : 

David, I'm not agreeable to any compromise.

We need to close and seal the border with National Guard troops under command of the governors of their border states. Put a bounty on the heads of all illegal immigrants and fence in some holding areas in the desert sourthwest for them. the bounty will bring them in faster than we can provide a place to hold them. Bounty hunters will make good livings just bringing in illegals.

Halt all immigration for as long as it takes to get a handle on the illegals who break into our country.

Make the Mexican government aware that the next incursion across the border, onto US soil, by Mexican troops will be considered an act of war and the US will act accordingly.

Finally, the next demonstration held by Mexican flag waving illegals should be surrounded by federal troops and every member of the demonstration detained until a through check of his, or her, citizenship is checked and verified. Those found to be here illegally should be deported instantly.

if we're gonna do this... we need to get tough. If we don't we won't have a country shortly.


Blogger David said ... (03 April, 2006 04:25) : 

The thing is Longstreet that our dearly elected officals will never do that. They are too busy pandering to any and every large group for votes. There is no way a majority of Congress will agree to deport 11+ million illegal aliens and suffer the backlash of the legal immigrants left here. They know that that would be political suicide and that is what they care about most, not the people that voted for them and not the best interest of the US.

I do agree with the armed incrusions into the US. The Mexican government should be told that any group or individual (military and paramilitary) crossing the border with hostile intent will be dealt with in a efficient military manner, with questions asked later.

And I thought it would be a good idea to do green card spot checks at some of the marches. Danagerous for the agents but a good idea never the less.

Let me work a few details out and I'll try and compromise with you.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19 December, 2006 08:27) : 




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