Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Vote For Judge Gore

As you can see by my new support button on the left, I'm supporting Judge William C. "Bill" Gore, Jr. for the NC Supreme Court seat vacated by Judge Wainwright. You can read up on him at his website.

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Comments on "Vote For Judge Gore"


Anonymous Stephen said ... (23 April, 2006 15:28) : 

Hi, I have a comment on Judge Gore. I live in Greensboro. I hope some of you got here to see some great basketball in March. I'm guessing Judge Gore hoped you came also. He put "yard signs" -Vote Gore- all around the coliseum just before the tournaments.(Women's ACC, Men's ACC, NCAA 1st/2nd)
I guess that makes him an opportunist.
It also makes him a litter bug! The signs are still there.(a few standing, some lying around)
Come clean up your mess Judge Gore!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10 August, 2006 07:16) : 

Best regards from NY!
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