Friday, May 05, 2006

District 7 County Commissioner Results

Ronald Gore beat David Dutton with 820 votes to Dutton's 470. Two months ago I thought Dutton was un-beatable, but that view changed within the last 3 weeks. As I talked to people in the district I found that they truely did want something different in our county government, and though Gore may not be everyones first choice they decided that he deserved a chance to carry the Democratic nomination to the November general election to face-off with Sammy Hinson. I had decided about a week ago that Gore would edge out Dutton, but I had no idead that he would carry all but 1 precinct in the district including David's home precinct. I believe that David's stance on open elections, the Billy Joe Farmer mess and his not showing up to the recent political forums hurt his re-election a lot more then he thought. A friend spoke with David after the results where in and David said that he didn't realize that he was in trouble till Sunday. I just glad that people remembered the events of the past year and didn't vote for David just because he is one of the boys. Maybe this is a sign that good things are going to happen in Columbus County one day.

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