Thursday, May 18, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape Case: My Views So Far

At first I was simpathic towards the allegded victim, I can't stand anyone that comments rape. But in lieu of both DNA test results, the taxi driver's testimony, victims story changing, police officer's first response to victim, the way the accursed where identified, victims history, the way the DA is handling the case (wanting to wait till next spring, seems he wants the case to die down), the harassment of the taxi driver by police, and so on and so worth, I'm now supporting the accursed. It just seems that since the election Nifong is dragging his heels and trying to get the case out of the spotlight. Why? He claims to have all this evidence but doesn't want to go to trial till spring '07. This is a very strange case that just doesn't feel right to me. If the accursed did the crime then they deserve a harsh punishment, but if the alleged victim is lying then she deserves an equel punishment x 3 (once for each accursed) for ruining these guys for life. And I'm not letting Nifong of the hook either, if he is trying to make something out of nothing he too needs charges filed on him.

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