Friday, June 02, 2006

Col Co Draft Budget

The News Reoporter

Although it would hold the property tax rate steady at 73 cents per $100 value, the draft plan does not include $1.3 million needed to pay off a loan for the new jail. All three school systems – county, city and community college – would receive the same funding as this year. Even with the special property tax, Water District 3 would be $242,000 in the red. Also, the county would take $2.8 million from its savings to make ends meet.

The draft budget is not all gloomy. It calls for adding five new deputies to guard the expanded jail, as well as eight additional workers at the Department of Social Services. Also, County Parks and Recreation would receive one new position.

Under the proposal, all county employees – roughly 430 people – would receive a 3 percent pay increase, plus an additional 2 percent contribution by the county to 401(k) retirement funds.

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