Monday, June 05, 2006

My Two Cents: The Upcoming Gay Marriage Ban

First off I'm against the gay lifestyle. I don't like and I think is wrong and un-natural.

Now having said that I'm against a constitutional ban on this subject. I do not think it is the place of the legistlature branch to tell people how to live. They are many more important items that they and Bush should be working on. Such as, taxes, education, the war, ethics in the L branch. This is a smoke screen tactic that is a useless waste my tax money that pays my Senators salary. If we allow this ban to go through what will be banned next? Fast food, smoking, suvs, hunting, sky diving,... When this subject is past there will be another hot topic for politicians to use to daze the masses. This week the gays are targeted next week it may be you. I don't like gay marriage but at the same time who am I and who is Bush to tell someone else how to live thier life? Freedom is why I'm against this amendment.

Note: My Church sent letters and made phone calls to our Senator's staff on behalf of supporting this ban. My wife supports it. I don't.

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