Friday, July 14, 2006

FCC On Gone Wild


In its continuing crackdown on on-air profanity, the FCC has requested numerous tapes from broadcasters that might include vulgar remarks from unruly spectators, coaches and athletes at live sporting events, industry sources said.

Tapes requested by the commission include live broadcasts of football games and NASCAR races where the participants or the crowds let loose with an expletive. While commission officials refused to talk about its requests, one broadcast company executive said the commission had asked for 30 tapes of live sports and news programs.

“It looks like they want to end live broadcast TV,” said one executive, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity. “We already know that they aren’t afraid to go after news.”

Why is the FCC trying to protect us from ourselves? I thought the main job of the FCC was to make sure that the airwaves where being used fairly. Sort of to make sure that WWAY doesn't block WECT's signal to gain viewers. I didn't know that they where mandated to be the official censors of the US.

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