Friday, August 11, 2006

'Be a man, get a job'

This is a reprint of a letter to the editor that appeared in the Star News 2006-08-08.

Editor: I still believe in our country, heart and soul, but I am about ready to give up on some of our male citizens, yes 30 to 54, who are opting out of work, according to a recent Star News article. One of these men "could not find a job that, in his view, was neither demanding or underpaid."

What kind of a country do we have when healthy, able men - many of them married - would rather sit home (than) act like real men? To compound this complete rejection of manhood, we are paying taxes so our government can help support these bums! How can anyone call himself a man when he is content to have his wife work (and) is unwilling to make any effort at all to support his wife and family?

Thor Ronningen

I agree completely with Mr. Ronningen. That's the problem with a welfare state that makes it to easy to obtain benefits with little enforcement of the rules.

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Blogger dale said ... (11 August, 2006 05:49) : 

I believe the person in the article was living from his savings, not on government benefits.

In this day and age of equal rights, it is perfectly okay for a man to be a stay at home Dad and let the wife work. sometimes the woman is capable of making more money than the man.

Thirdly, I don't believe a person should define himself by what he does for a living but by his character.

Therefore if he is a real man (i.e., mature adult, maybe he could find a way to give back to the community through volunteer work or even authoring a worthwhile book.


Blogger David said ... (15 August, 2006 04:33) : 

Dale, I'm not familiar with the original article in question. I don't gernerally read the Star News. I was attracted to the the letter by it's title and the subject matter as written by the writer.

If a man wants to stay home that's fine as long as he isn't living off government handouts. I've even offered to stay home and keep the kids if my wife wanted to get an outside the home job - she has yet to take me up on that.

So while I agree with the letter to the editor, I also agree with what you have written. Thank you for pointing this out to me.


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