Saturday, August 26, 2006

IP Closes Acme-Delco Middle School


RIEGELWOOD -- Acme-Delco Middle School was forced to close early Friday because of water issues.

International Paper in Riegelwood supplies water for that part of Columbus County. The company says too much demand was put on the system Friday morning and they had to shut down the potable water supply.

A water pipe that broke earlier this week contributed to the problem.

Officials say they are giving out water at the Riegelwood Shopping Center and that if you do need water out of the tap, you need to boil it.

Authorities expect to restore water service in some areas later Friday, but residents are still asked to conserve and boil water.

The water in the area is still not safe to drink. Bacteria tests have to be done 48 hours after it was cut on Friday to determine if it meets drinking standards.

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