Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Honest Criminals?

The News & Observer

Four months ago, convicted sex offender Antonio Davon Chance gave his father's Garner address to the local sheriff's office when he moved from Chapel Hill -- except his father said he never lived there.

Advocates say Chance's lie illustrates a common flaw with sex offender registries across the country -- their reliance on convicted criminals to participate and to tell the truth.

Chance, 29, is charged with the Aug. 22 kidnapping of Cynthia Moreland of Wendell. Police say Moreland, 48, was abducted from the Progress Energy parking deck in downtown Raleigh on Aug. 22. Her car was found several hours later in Southeast Raleigh, and her body was found Friday in Harnett County.

What do we expect when we ask a violent criminal to do something honest. We need to lay off the victimless crime arrests and save room to keep violent dangerous people like this off the streets.

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