Monday, October 23, 2006

My Canidates for the Upcoming Election Are:

First off the District 7 County Commissioner, I'm voting for Sammy Hinson. He has talked a lot about transparent government and open elections the last few years and want to give him a chance to do it.

For the 13th Judicial District DA, my vote goes to Jon David. Rex Gore has been our DA for 16 years and I honestly don't think he has done the best job. I recently spoke to a Detective with the Sheriff's Department and was informed that one of the biggest problems in Columbus County was Rex Gore. If the police will not stand behind Rex, why should I.

My vote for the 8th District Senate seat will go to Bill Fairley. R.C. Soles has been in Raleigh way to long and has lost touch with the people he is suppose to represent. Also many claim and feel that R.C. runs Columbus County politics. If this is true then have him voted out of office will help remove his influence over the county and may ease some of the trouble we have here. And if for no other reason my vote goes to Fairley because he wants to reduce the tax burden of NC.

For the NC House District 20th seat, I will cast my vote for Ray Gilbert. I've heard him speak several times and feel that he will try to make a honest effort to do what's right in Raliegh. It's time that Dewry Hill ran his business and let someone else help out in Raliegh.

In the race for the US Congressional District 7 seat, my vote goes to Shirley Davis. Mike McIntyre has done a good job with regional things but his stance on national issues leaves me wanting for a change. I've voted for Mike in the past but this year I have a better canidate to vote for. Shirley is for HR25 (FairTax), tough illegal alien legistration (she even calls them illegal aliens) and making the tax cuts permanent.

For the NC Supreme Court Chief Justice, I'm voting for Judge Rusty Duke. One reason "Judges should interpret the law, not make law." and that is all I have to say about that.

For the NC Supreme Court Associates, I'm voting for Mark Martin, Ann Marie Calabria and Eric Levinson.

For the NC Court of Appeals, I'm voting for Kris Bailey and Donna Stroud.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Commissioners Rescind Insurance Benefit

Friday our County Commissioners met in a special call meeting to discuss the insurance benefit they had created for themselves. About 300 angry citizens showed up for the 3pm meeting. Kip Godwin, started the meeting telling the public that the board would not hear from them, that if the people wanted to be heard the needed to attend a regular board meeting. He then gave the floor to Amon McKenzie to give the boards decision. He basically said that he and the board did nothing wrong and that the citizens where in the wrong for the way we reacted. He recieved a round of hissing and comments from those in attendance. The only commissioner that even tried to apoligize was James Prevatte. After that the board dismissed and all but McKenzie and Prevatte quickly left the floor.

I hope that when the rest of the commissioners come up for re-election they like David Dutton loose their seats.

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