Monday, November 28, 2005


Empires have life expectancies. The history of civilization would tell us that a country based on freedom and economic liberty generally last just a bit over 200 years. If you know of such a society that has lasted well beyond the 200-year mark, let me know. I haven't been able to find one. Our Constitution was ratified on December 15th, 1791. In just a few weeks the United States of America will be 214 years old. That, for those of you who went to government schools, is just a bit over 200 years.

You can trace the decline of American to several different and varied beginning point. Among them:

1. The adoption of a graduated and progressive income tax, as envisioned by Karl Marx.
2. The adoption of a system of government education of our children, again as envisioned by Karl Marx.
3. The movement away from a rule of law to a rule of the majority (Democracy) which really took hold during the days of Franklin Roosevelt.

Read it all here.

Edited at 4:50 pm: This story also talks about personal responsibility. Something I wrote about eary this morning.

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