Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dr Screw Up Goes Into Hiding


Doctor changes name after malpractice lawsuits

A former Wilmington surgeon facing dozens of lawsuits for medical malpractice just made it more difficult for his old patients to track him down.

We have learned that Dr. Steven Olchowski has changed his name.

Dr. Steven Olchowski is now Dr. Steven Hawkins.

His attorney told members of the media the doctor changed his name so he could have a fresh start.

The attorney is also quoted as saying Olchowski has no intention of practicing medicine again under his new name, but that's no guaranty.

Olchowski lost his medical license in North Carolina and Michigan, in the wake of the lawsuit frenzy.

He used to be a gastric bypass surgeon.

Until many of his former patients claimed he lied to them about the procedure he performed on them to help them lose weight. They accused him of performing a risky short-cut operation resulting in life-threatening complications.

Those law suits led to the revocation of Olchowski's medical license, but he has yet to go to trial for medical malpractice.

Officials at the North Carolina Medical Board say patients should be able to find accurate information on Dr. Olchowski on their web site, whether they search under his new name or his old name.

They say name changes are not uncommon, particularly with female physicians who get married or divorced.

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