Saturday, December 24, 2005

If You Are Breaking the Law, Stay Off TV

Wilmington Star News
‘Dr. Phil’ guest denied bond
Associated Press

CHARLOTTE - A Virginia man arrested in Charlotte on a bigamy charge after his case was featured on the Dr. Phil television program remained at the Mecklenburg County Jail on a $25,000 bond Friday.

A judge refused Thursday to lower the bond for Charles Edward Hicks, 61. He has waived extradition to Virginia, where he was indicted earlier this month on the felony bigamy charge. But Virginia authorities are still preparing a governor’s warrant that would take him back to that state, said Elizabeth Trosch, an assistant public defender who represented Hicks in court Thursday.

Hicks was arrested after a woman saw him featured on the show and recognized him as her sister’s boyfriend.

One word... DUMMY

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Blogger OneOfSevenWives said ... (24 June, 2006 19:58) : 

One word "dummy" is correct....he is a mental midget who married at least seven women and four of those marriages overlap and he was on to one more. A judge sentenced this serial bigamist to five years in prison and suspended four. So in late December, WATCH OUT LADIES, for this marrying man won't stop his marrying ways. At least when he moves onto the next one, his won't be married. I divorced the lying, cheating, bigamist on May 26, ironically three years to the day after I married him...of course he was married to someone else at that time...little did I know.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (06 May, 2008 16:55) : 

After reading this article I had to comment. I've read articel after article after article regarding bigamy. This is rampid in NC. Just yesterday I filed charges against my newly married husband for bigamy in the county of Wake in Cary, NC. My husband was found to be married to a woman in Clayton, NC as well as to another woman who allegedly lives in GA. Other females names were brought up as well as being women in question of being married to this man. However, they set his bond at $3000. I am a VA resident and I relocated here not even a month ago and married this man. His name is Keron Lamont Wilkins. There is no telling how many other wives he has out there. But what is shocking me is that this is quite common in North Carolina, what is wrong with this picture and this state. Luckily I caught this in time, other women have not been so lucky. What is going on with the world and the justice system to let this type of immoral behavior just slide through the cracks.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22 November, 2015 10:36) : 

Keron is now marrying women under a different name now. Smh


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11 March, 2016 00:47) : 

What name is he using now?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (02 January, 2017 18:01) : 

He's to dumb to use another name, I think he needs to see a psychiatrist and the sad part about it he doesn't think there is anything wrong, he has a daughter what if guys treat her like he treats women, I wouldn't be shocked if someone ends up hurting him, he haven't learned his lesson yet in do time he's going to get what's coming to him.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03 January, 2017 22:34) : 

I guess his smooth talk and quick reaction got you who jumps into marriage that quick only two fools.... Then he did the dissapearance act on you sad the guy truely doesn't know what love is he didn't live you it was lust and you fell for it


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