Sunday, December 18, 2005

NC AP Withholding News About Illegal Aliens

NC Associated Press Wire Censorship Proven. Immigration News blocked.
Posted on Friday, December 16 @ 10:35:12 EST
Topic: Illegal Immigration News in the US

ALIPAC Contact

On Thursday of last week, our organization Americans for LEGAL immigration accused the NC AP wire service of censoring critical information about the criminal conduct of illegal aliens in NC and this fact has been proven in the days following our release.

North Carolina Associated Press wire service representative, David Scott (919-833-8687), has denied the charge when contacted by both ALIPAC and journalists from across America. He has stated that the NC AP Wire did cover the Hernandez case twice as a defense.

We never claimed that the NC AP Wire did not cover the Gilberto Cruz Hernandez case at all. We pointed out accurately that they never covered the Amy Milligan tragedy, the Robert Yates Dewy tragedy, or the gang rape of a 37 year old Huntersville woman. In the case of Hernandez, we accused them of not telling the state about his fresh and valid NC license which contradicts many stories they have circulated concerning Democratic lawmakers and administrators claiming our licenses are now secure.

The bias of the NC Associated Press Wire has now been proven, after the story broke last Sunday, that Gilberto Cruz Hernandez had a 44k job and a 123k mortgage backed by US taxpayers through the FHA. This censorship is further illustrated by their refusal to report that the issue has now reached Congress through actions of Congresswoman Virginia Foxx. The NC AP Wire has refused to carry this information to date. No other NC newspapers are carrying this important story at this time.

The clear evidence is available for all to see by viewing the articles on this matter running in the Greensboro News and Record and Winston Salem Journal both of which are members of the NC Associated Press. By comparing these articles to a search on “Gilberto Cruz Hernandez” on the Google News Search engine, all can see the suppression of this information.

You can read the rest of it at the above link.

Here is some info on the creep Giberto:
The average North Carolina resident probably assumes that local, state and federal governments are better coordinated to fight terrorism today than they were before the Sept. 11 attacks four years ago. But the case of Gilberto Cruz Hernandez -- illegal Mexican immigrant accused in a series of rapes -- suggests otherwise. On his third try at illegal immigration, the 24-year-old Hernandez hit the jackpot in the Piedmont Triad, settling with unnerving ease into the mundane fabric of everyday life. He landed a job at a Greensboro printing company and earned $44,000 a year.

Last year, the same federal government that twice deported him put its financial might behind a $123,000 Federal Housing Administration loan that allowed him to buy a brand-new house in Winston-Salem.

By Taft Wireback
Staff Writer Greensboro News and Record

Although he was ticketed 11 times for speeding and other driving infractions by the Highway Patrol and police in High Point and Winston-Salem, none of the traffic stops resulted in his detention as an illegal immigrant, a prior deportee or a potential threat to public safety.

That's true even though at least one of his stops in High Point occurred after police officers suspected they'd interrupted a crime in progress when Hernandez pulled out of a closed car sales lot one night in December 2000.

Neighbors in two cities say he didn't arouse their suspicions. Officials at the company that sold him a home in Winston-Salem say it wasn't their job to check his immigration status.

His employer says Hernandez's documentation checked out "absolutely fine," although -- in hindsight -- some might have been forged.

Police now contend that Hernandez's seemingly nondescript facade hid a night burglar, a masked man with a Spanish accent who terrorized women in Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem in a series of eight sexual assaults between May 2004 and Feb. 22, 2005.

Today, Hernandez is in the Forsyth County jail awaiting trial in Forsyth and Guilford counties. Federal immigration authorities also have issued a detainer on him, meaning they want to deport him again once he is either acquitted of the state charges or is convicted and serves prison time.

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