Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gas Tax Petition

I first heard about this the end of last year (so long ago), but forgot to post it. Oh well better late then never. Stop the Gas Tax Hike has a petition for North Carolinians to sign to show their support for stopping the tax increase that went into effect January 1.
North Carolina politicians -- like the Arab Oil Cartel - are windfall winners from higher gas prices. N.C. divides the gas tax into two parts -- a flat 17.5 cents /gallon + 7% of the wholesale price. When gas prices rise, North Carolina politicians automatically have more money to spend. The wholesale price is up -- so drivers will pay a 15% tax increase beginning in January.

This is a conservative effort, but I have to say there are liberals asking for a cap on the tax, including my Representative in the House, Dewey Hill.

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Blogger David said ... (05 January, 2006 10:37) : 

BTW, I have signed the petition.


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