Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mexicans Protest US Immigration Policy and the Wall

The Herald

Marchers decry U.S. immigration policy, wall plan
A protest in the capital Sunday denounced the United States´ treatment of Mexican migrants as racist and decried the high number of migrant deaths

About 250 migrant activists and their supporters marched through the center of Mexico City on Sunday to protest U.S. immigration policy, which they say is racist and deadly.

Shouting "justice for migrants," the demonstrators tore apart a giant paper wall, a symbol of a planned fence along large parts of the United States´ southern border, which the demonstrators say will violate human rights and cause more deaths.

"A migrant dies on the border everyday already," said Ada Omana, a migrant activist who lives in New York City. "With this wall, we are going to see more corpses in the desert."

The protesters chanted "No To The Wall" outside the U.S. Embassy, which was protected by temporary barricades and about 50 police officers in riot gear.

There were no reports of arrests or violence on the march.

Hugo Vadillo, a migrant activist based in Mexico City, said that the Mexican government also needed to revise its immigration policy.

"The Mexican government has to stop discriminating against Central American migrants," Vadillo said. "We need to have free movement of workers in the Americas like there is in Europe."

U.S. authorities estimate that there are about 10 million undocumented migrants working in the United States, about half of whom are Mexican.

The US has laws. Those laws need to be inforced or else America is nothing but a name. The whole basis of a republic is the rule of law. If they want to come here and work there is a legal way for it to be done and that is how it should be. How things are in Europe and what European law is has nothing to do with US immigration laws/policy. If Mexicans don't want to die in the desert then don't attempt an illegal border crossing. Don't blame the US for the death of an illegal, he made the decision to cross the border and the full responsibility of his actions rest on his shoulders.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (04 April, 2007 12:23) : 

im tired of mexicans blaming the u.s. for thier hardships and deaths in the desert it is not our fault at all that the stupid wetbacks are dying i ssay build the wall and increase border control and pas a bill ordering migrants to become naturalized


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