Tuesday, February 21, 2006

'N.C. Local Schools Board Sue Over Eye Exam Requirement'


Nearly a dozen local school boards sued the state Tuesday over a new law requiring comprehensive eye exams for children entering kindergarten, arguing it violates the U.S. constitution and the state constitution's mandate for free public education.

Flanked by a pediatrician, eye doctor and others opposed to the exam, local schools representatives said the examinations, which cost from $65 to more than $120, are too expensive and unnecessary since children already must receive vision screenings before entering school.

"The effect of this new law is to put an unconstitutional price tag on admissions to public schools," said Ann Majestic of the North Carolina School Boards Association, a party to the lawsuit. "The law leaves out thousands of families who do not qualify for public assistance."

The law set aside $2 million to help parents pay for exams uncovered by Medicaid or other government programs. Opponents say that won't go very far.

The exams are not needed. If a parent wants a better exam then they can get on their own. There should not be a state law that requires this type exam. Especially a law that was stuff in a bill at the last minute and had no review or discussion. Why would the "honorable" Mr. Black do such a thing you ask?

[snip]the largest booster of the "Gov.'s Vision Care Program" has been House Speaker Jim Black, a Charlotte-area optometrist. The program was inserted into the House version of the budget last June and passed without even a public hearing.


Black received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from fellow optometrists during the 2003-04 election cycle. A State Board of Elections investigators said earlier this month that Black's campaign and the N.C. State Optometric Society's political action committee appear to have violated the law by filling in the payee line on incomplete checks from committee members. The board hasn't completed its investigation.

Does that help you to see things better?

And this is one reason why JimBlackMustGo

BTW Black filed for re-election yesterday.

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