Monday, February 13, 2006

Not My Job, It's Not His Either

It may be great for finding telephone numbers, but the Greensboro BellSouth telephone book leaves something to be desired for social studies.

The newest book says John Edwards is still a U.S. senator. In fact, the blue pages suggest he's North Carolina's only senator. The state's current U.S. senators, Republicans Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole, aren't listed at all.

Edwards was the Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2004 and didn't seek re-election to his Senate seat. Burr won that seat.

An Edwards spokeswoman says she asked the Senate telecom office to look into the matter. BellSouth spokesman Clifton Metcalf says while it's apparent Edwards didn't seek re-election, he doesn't have the authority to make the change without instruction from what he calls the reponsible[sic] party.

I guess no one at BellSouth has enough sense to fix obivous errors. And just who is "the responsible party?"

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