Friday, May 05, 2006

'Not a Day Without Racism'

Real Clear Politics

If you go by certain columnists and news reports, you see a clear dividing line: good hard-working immigrants -- legal, illegal, it makes no difference -- who supported the May 1 Great American Boycott versus conservative white racists, who like cheap lettuce but hate immigrants.

I agree that illegal immigrants are, for the most part, good, hard-working folk, but that's where the truth of the stereotype ends. The hundreds of e-mails I've receive in the last week -- overwhelmingly in support of my opposition to the boycott, even in the liberal San Francisco Bay Area -- belie the propaganda spewed by the boycotters and swallowed whole by too many journalists. The story is not one of good, open-minded immigrants versus bad, closed-minded racists.

For one thing, many legal immigrants opposed the boycott. If you work in California, you probably saw immigrants on the job in your workplace on Monday. Maybe they sympathized with the boycott. Maybe they didn't.

Very good read.

BTW, did you see Geraldo Rivera on May 1 calling illegal aliens "honored guests"? I use to not like Geraldo, but then the last couple of years he's been ok, but the junk he was talking on May 1 made me sick.

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