Monday, May 08, 2006

Shelter To Still Gas Animals


Many people are calling for changes at the Columbus County animal shelter. They are upset that workers gas unwanted pets, sometimes in groups of ten or more at a time.

County officials held a press conference Monday about the state of affairs at their animal shelter.

The administration building for Columbus County is in downtown Whiteville, b ut the debate is all about a rural road where the animal shelter is and the treatment of dogs and cats at the facility.

County leaders say they've been blasted by the press on the phone and via e-mail. Now the county says it wants to set the record straight. The panel says gassing will continue at the shelter.

They say it's humane, less costly than injections, legal and most importantly -- l ike having two school districts -- it's what works here.

Columbus CountyManager Jim Varner said, "Two schools districts. You go to a lot of counties and they only have one. Does that mean we're wrong and they're right? You do what your community expects. We have two school districts. We treat our animals, put them down in a different way. That doesn't make them wrong and us right. We do what we've been doing. It's within the law."

And a big reason the county is sticking with this system is economics. They say using a gas chamber is cheaper than using lethal injection.

The decision is already drawing fire from local animal rights groups.

Columbus County has always gotten a lot of criticism for our animal shelter. Varner said in an earlier statement that there is no way to make everyone happy on this issue and he's right. I don't know what's best for the shelter. It sounds bad the way it's stated in the papers and on TV, I'll ride out there the end of the week and check it out for myself.

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Comments on "Shelter To Still Gas Animals"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19 May, 2006 16:31) : 

However it is tragic that there are so many unwanted or unadoptable animals,the county must euthanize the in the most eficiant manner as to prevent diease and overpopulation.


Blogger David said ... (22 May, 2006 12:27) : 

Yes it is tragic. Too many people want a dog or cat till they get one and then they don't want it. They end up abandoning the animal or neglect to take care of it like they should. We do have a problem in Columbus County with domestic animal populations. And as far as the law is concerned the Col. Co. Animal Shelter is legal in the methods used to euthanize the animals. The problem is with us, the people of Columbus county not takeing responsibility for our pets the shelter.

BTW, I've not had the chance to be at the shelter on the day they euthanize the animals yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18 November, 2006 12:59) : 

Columbus County is using a homemade gas chamber which does not allow for the animals to be separated. They gas all animals regardless of age or health, which is a violation of state law.

The shelter also sells animals to a research company. Your pet cat could end up on a labratory table being cut to pieces. Better get there to claim your kitty fast if it gets lost!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18 November, 2006 13:03) : 

By the way, it is NOT legal the way they are gassing those animals! Check out NC general statute 130a-192. Animals shall be euthanized by a method approved by AVMA, HSUS, or AHA. Those organizations ALL say that animals under 16 weeks and sick animals should not be gassed with carbon monoxide. The may not breathe in enough gas to die, and could be buried alive. Now is that humane? Do you want to pay for this with your tax dollars?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10 December, 2006 14:51) : 

The gassing is only a part of CCAC's problems. How about the fact that they bring animals in that were shot, hit by a car, injured and in need of immedate euthanization, and they are made to lay in a kennel till Friday when they run the gas chamber? Maybe they could take part of the $7000. some dollars they made selling dead cats to pay for those animals suffering to end?
Or the fact that the animals are hosed right along with the kennels, and often have chemical burns, and in winter months are left cold and shivering? Or 10 day old pups whose eyes are not open yet in with a bowl of kibble to try to eat?
20 kittens crammed into one cage, smashing each oter, sometimes to death, because only 2 of the cages will hold kittens? Or the fact that they don't ever scan for a microchip, because they don't own a scannar? There are hundreds of concerned people calling in abuse reports that never get investigated, and animals left tied to a tree to starve or die of heat exhaustion... and sometimes WORSE! CCAC problems are much, much deeper then gassing, though in fact they WAY they are gassing is quite illegal.
Pray your beloved pet never slips out the door and finds his way to AC --- the suffering he will have to endure for 2-4 days while waiting to be put to death in such a painful way will be great.
Too bad we could not hire someone to oversee AC who had an ounce of compassion. There is NOTHING humane about CCAC!
Yes...the people of CC should be responsible. But why would they when our own AC is not? Not even a word is said to encourage adopters to spay, when most other shelters demand it. Our County needs to start showing some responsibility, and take a few minutes and apply for the funds that are available to them to help with a spay/neuter program.


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