Sunday, July 02, 2006

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Charlie Daniels

Sad Day

It is a sad day in America when things have become so political
that when a murdering monster like al Zarqawi is done away with the Democrats act as if it means absolutely nothing just because it was done under a Republican administration.

If it had happened under Bill Clinton they would have been jumping over the Washington Monument. I am so disgusted with Harry Reid and his ilk who stand back and make mealy mouthed statements criticizing how the war is being fought and when some headway is obviously made they act as if nothing had happened.

Men and women risked their lives to put an end to one of the world’s most vicious terrorists and they are so politically bent and warped they can’t even give them credit for it. You people disgust me beyond words.

It’s almost as if these people would be willing to lose the war just so they can win political points and that’s just downright sickening. You criticize every move the military makes regardless of how right it is, all they’re concerned with is gaining seats in the Senate and the House and they don’t care how much they encourage the terrorists.

Not agreeing with the war in Iraq is every American’s right but to be so committed to a political agenda that you can’t even acknowledge a victory is downright pitiful and this bunch must have to cover the mirrors in their bathrooms.

You’re disgusting guys, you’re a do nothing Senate and from the Immigration bill you guys tried to stuff down our throats maybe it’s a good thing you don’t get anything done. I wish that everyone of you lily-livered, milquetoast, gonadless, spineless, self-serving, do- nothing knot heads would have to come home and get a real job.

In case you’ve forgotten you’re supposed to be serving we the people not your confounded political party, you’re supposed to be taking care of the business of the country, not pandering for votes.

I just wish that you could see yourselves through the eyes of the people you’re supposed to be serving. You’re doing a bad job and you all deserve to be fired. You waste our money on your silly pork barrel junk. You squander our security for political reasons and you absolutely refuse to do anything about the sieve our southern border has turned into.

I have three suggestions for you.

1. Fix the border
2. Fix the border
3. Fix the border

If the dam is leaking do you go around dipping water out of the lake with a spoon? Well the dam is leaking, in fact it’s breaking and you people sit around with your fingers up your nose or some other orifice and refuse to do anything about it.

The military has done away with one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists and all you want to talk about is what has gone wrong.

The price of gasoline is going through the roof and you don’t have the guts to stand up to the environmental extremists so we can harvest our own oil and build the refineries to process it.

And you have the nerve to vote yourselves a pay raise?

Pray for our troops.

What do you think?

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels
June 30, 2006

I ran across that tonight and thought it was right on the mark.

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