Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Easley Says Give It Back


Gov. Mike Easley demanded Monday that the state's Ports Authority repay nearly $4,000 of taxpayer money used to make a state ferry available for an invitation-only boat party during a sailing festival.

"I want to be crystal clear with you: this type of activity should not ever occur again," Easley wrote in a letter to Ports Authority officials. "State agencies and their employees are stewards of the public's money and trust and our actions should reflect the highest of standards."

The cruise gave about 200 passengers -- including Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and other elected lawmakers -- an up-close view of the Tall Ships Festival in Beaufort and Morehead City on July 1. While officials dined on seafood and enjoyed the music of a steel drum band, others fought crowds and congestion.

The ferry was replaced on its route by a smaller ship, leading to delays for passengers trying to cross the river.

"It is absolutely indefensible that a ferry was taken out of service to transport dignitaries while the general public battled traffic and stood in stifling heat for hours to get a glimpse of the ships," Easley wrote.

Easley found that the Ports Authority, which is a state agency but runs on its own revenue, paid almost $25,000 out of its budget to host the event. The Department of Transportation added about $3,800, which is taxpayer money.

Most of the $3,800 was used for paint and cleaning supplies to renovate the Floyd Lupton, additional staffing and personnel to cover the costs of two ships, fuel and a photographer to document the event, said DOT spokesman Ernie Seneca.

"To cover the costs borne by the taxpayers, I am directing the State Ports Authority to reimburse the Department of Transportation for the costs of using the ferry," Easley wrote.

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