Friday, July 14, 2006

House Passes Voting Rights Act Renewal

Did you know that there is no federal right to vote. That's right the constitution of the US does not grant you the right to vote. There are amendments that prevent the discrimination when granting the franchise, but they do not automatically give you the franchise. People mistake this state granted right as the law of the land when it's not.

The VRA is no longer needed. Heck it wasn't truely need in 1965. Just read the 15th amendment and you will see that blacks have same right to vote as whites. The 19th amendment stated that a woman has the same right to vote as a man. Then the 24th amendment stated that poll taxes are illegal (voter id is not a poll tax no matter what the ACLU and DNC say). The 26th amendment gave every citizen (it does state citizens, not guest workers, illegal aliens, undocumented workers, etc) equal right to vote.

It should be allowed to die. Why do we need bilingual ballots, if only citizens can vote? Why do some southern states still need DOJ approval of voting practice changes 40 years later when the Constitution states that all states should be treated the same by the federal government? Why? Please explain this to me.

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