Friday, December 16, 2005

Carolina Beach Town Manager Follows Council

I don't really care for the the Morning Star news but this is a good opinion piece.

. . . and in with the new

When the voters clean house, sometimes the hired help has to go, too. That about sums up the fate of Carolina Beach Town Manager Calvin Peck, who resigned Tuesday just minutes after a new mayor and council members took office.

Peck was so closely linked to the Town Council that approved two controversial high-rise developments, Arcadius and Park Place, that he likely would have been ineffective in dealings with the new council had he stayed. New Mayor Bill Clark and Councilmen Alan Gilbert and Jerry Johnnson made it clear while campaigning that they were unhappy with Peck’s performance.

His sometimes-abrasive personality may have helped him out the door.

But whether he saw the handwriting on the wall and bowed out or was asked to leave (something the public may never know because state law allows those details to be kept secret), Peck’s departure gives the newly configured council a chance to start fresh.

Based on campaign promises, changes are in store for Carolina Beach under the new mayor and councilmen. But the new mayor pledges to listen to all sides, something the ousted incumbents were accused of not doing.

The voters no doubt will let the new council know if it fails to live up to that promise.

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