Sunday, January 15, 2006

Also At Right Minded

Right Minded

That's the acronym for "politically incorrect bumper stickers." I have assembled a list of phrases that would make great PIBS.

Conservatism: the pinnacle of Darwinian evolution
My other gun is a semi-automatic assault weapon.
Celebrate diversity. Buy a multi-colored SUV.
I love Halliburton.
I support tax cuts for the rich.
I buy only from evil conservative corporations.
Invest in Enron. It beats Social Security.
I brake for high gas prices.
Eating your veggies kills plants. Go carnivore.
If you can read this, your mother chose life.
My child made the honor roll at Home School.
Proud stay-at-home mom
I don't need feminists. I have a husband who loves me.
My degree made me liberal. My education made me conservative.
One nation, UNDER GOD
It took judges to come between Joshua and Ruth.
It's my civil right to pay a flat tax.
Intolerance is a virtue.
Slightly to the right of Attila-the-Hun
Heterosexual monogamy rules!
Stop global warming! I love wearing my minks.
Limbaugh/Ashcroft 2008
Separate church and state. Get evolution out of schools.
It takes a mother and a father, not a village.

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