Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Thought On This Judge Cashman Fiasco

After hearing this on the radio yesterday I was in complete shock and then rage. A little later I began to think about the girls parents. Where the hell where they at and what where they doing while she was being raped repeatedly over a 4 year period? What was this Hewitt jerk that he was so close to this family that he was in a position to do such a terrible crime over and over without questions being asked or flags being raised. If I was the DA for that county, I'ld look into this problem. Someone had to know something about what was going on, so why did it go on for so long? These are questions I want answered.

As for Cashman, I still beblieve that what he did was wrong. He allowed his personal feelings the correction system flavor his judgement. To me this is un-ethical and the people of Vermont should do what they can to have him un-benched.

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