Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Four Iraqis Caught In Mexico Heading North

News 5 Phoenix, AZ

Mexico arrests four undocumented, U.S.-bound Iraqis

MEXICO CITY Mexico says its arrested four Iraqis who were trying to sneak into the United States without the proper documents.
Mexico's Attorney General's office says police -- acting on an anonymous tip -- found the four aboard a bus in the northern city of Navajoa (nav-ah-HO-. That's about 375 miles south of the Arizona border.

The statement says the Iraqis were in Mexico illegally.

Officials are investigating the background of the four and trying to determine how they got into Mexico.

Many undocumented Iraqi nationals have been captured in Mexican territory en route to the U-S border. None have been found to have had any links to terrorism.

THIS IS WHY WE NEED A TOUGH BORDER POLICY! Just because no links to terrorism have been found that doesn't mean they aren't there and that doesn't mean that the next group won't be terrorist.

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