Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Election Filings So Far

Here's a list of positions and canidates for Columbus County. Please note that I made this list and it may be incomplete and or wrong. If you see a problem with it let me know. I'll update it as I recieve more information.

County Commissioner - District 1
Amon McKenzie D Incumbent
Randy Adams R

County Commissioner - District 6
David Lee McPherson D
Kip Godwin Incumbent (not seeking re-election)
Ricky Bullard D
(Tony) Howell Strickland I

County Commissioner - District 7
Bobby Joe Long D
David Dutton D Incumbent
Ronald Gore D
Sammy Hinson R

Chris Batten Incumbent

Clerk of Court
Sheila Pridgen Incumbent

Linwood Cartrette Incumbent

State House - District 20
Dewey Hill D Columbus County Incumbent
Ray Gilbert R Brunswick County

NC State Senate - District 8
Shirley C. Babson R Brunswick
Bill Fairley R Brunswick
R. C. Soles Jr. D Columubus Incumbent

Supreme Court Chief Justice
Rusty Duke
Sarah Parker

Supreme Court Associate Justice
Ann Marie Parkway
Jill Cheek
Bill Gore Columbus County
Gus Gray
Robin Hudson

District Court Judge District 13
Sasser-Douglas B. Sasser

District Attorney District 13
Rex Gore D
Alexis Jane Prease D
Jon David R

US Congress - District 7
Mike McIntyre D Incmumbent
Shirley Davis R

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Orignally posted: 2006-02-24

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Blogger Odin said ... (01 April, 2006 22:51) : 

I am Sammy Hinson and I am asking everyone in my district for their vote. If I have my way along with 4500 petition signers perhaps the next election I will ask the whole county for their vote.
1. Economic Developement
2. Fair and Balanced Taxation
3. Integrity back in columbus Co. government.
4. County wide voting and redistricting.

This is my platform.


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