Thursday, February 02, 2006

He Told Them, But They Wouldn't Listen


Honesty Fails To Pay Off For Mistakenly Released Inmate
Devan Black Still Has Three Months To Serve On Prison Sentence

POSTED: 12:11 pm EST February 2, 2006
UPDATED: 12:27 pm EST February 2, 2006

LILLINGTON, N.C. -- A prison inmate told his jailers they were making a mistake when they released him, but his honesty was not rewarded Thursday.

Devan Black was serving time for allegedly molesting children. He was supposed to serve six months behind bars. In October, prison officials told him that his prison sentence was up.

Black said he told prison officials that their computers were wrong and he still had three months to serve on his sentence. Prison officials still released Black, who later moved to Vermont and began working there. He met with his probation officer there and told him that he still had time on his sentence.

Finally, the state Department of Correction realized it had made a mistake and the courts ordered Black to return to North Carolina to finish serving his sentence.

On Thursday, the judge ordered him to serve the remainder of his sentence immediately. There is no word where Black will finish his sentence.

Reporter: Jason Stoogenke

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