Tuesday, January 31, 2006

'Corruption in NC Legislature'

The North Carolina General Assembly is corrupt. I know many don't want to admit it, but it truly is. Democrats have run this state using the "good old boy network" for the better part of a century. Republicans have NEVER controlled the state. Keep that in mind.

This year a new law went into effect the REQUIRED all government school students to have a complete eye exam. No, there's no reason for it -- no one benefits because the students could attend no matter how they scored on the test, and the school would do nothing different for students who did poorly. And don't worry, if you couldn't afford it, the legislature would pay for it ($2 million new spending).

Oh wait, someone would benefit -- the doctors who performed the exam! Suddenly large numbers of preschool children would be getting eye exams. And do you know the profession of the Democrat Party leader of the NC House who personally added that requirement last year (to a spending bill)? He's an optometrist.

Go ahead, try and convince me that's not corruption.

But that's not even all. Now that the state is in the gambling business, the local "Native American Tribe" wants in -- the Cherokee tribe wants to put in Vegas-style games on their "reservation." Will they? Well, it depends on how much money they donate to the politicians -- just you watch.

Take it these eye exams fall under the so called public good clause. Just another justification for our high tax rate here in NC. And don't worry if the money isn't in the general fund to cover it, we can always rob the highway trust fund again.

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