Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Carter Wants Us To Support Hamas!

From Rick at PowerPundit

James Earl Carter, Jr., the former President of The United States, never ceases to remind America that he presided over one of the most incompetent and ineffective administrations in America's history, and that it is most fortunate that his presidential tenure was limited to a single term.

Now, the former president implores the international community to keep funding the Palestinian government, despite the fact that Hamas, a terrorist organization that is committed to the destruction of Israel - and has failed to renounce that aim - will be governing Palestinians. Hamas has killed hundreds of Israeli citizens, yet Mr. Carter wants to be sure that Hamas continues to be funded. Hamas has given no indication, or any hint of an indication, since the elections that it is prepared to cease or advocate the cessation of violence against innocent Israeli citizens. Yet, Mr. Carter is resolute that Hamas must not be financially stressed.

The Jimmy Carter who impotently sat by and watched the Iranians hold Americans civilians hostage, who declared the America of the late 1970's to be in a "malaise," who allowed OPEC to manipulate him and his administration, with spiraling gas prices the result and economic distress to follow, now assures the world that it must support a terrorist organization.

Unbelievable. Amazing. Bizarre.

Those three words were often uttered to describe the actions of Mr. Carter during his presidency, and they are appropriate to describe his advocacy of financial support for Hamas now.

It's been past time for Carter to get out of the world spotlight. He is out of touch with reality and just doesn't see the big picture.

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