Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No Auto Insurance, Better Not Get Pulled


A new North Carolina law could mean big hassles for you the next time you get pulled over.

A lapse in your insurance payment could mean losing your license plate on the spot.

They're not targeting people who have just lapsed in a payment, or switched insurance companies, but the new law requires if the insurance is not 100 percent up-to-date officers have to take the tag when you get pulled over.

Officers ask for your license, registration and proof of insurance. A new state law makes not having the insurance a big deal. Last month a car was among the first in our area to loose its license plate, on the spot, because the driver was uninsured.

Since December 2005 the highway patrol has seized over 150 license plates for this violation.

These officers are demonstrating how easy it is to enforce the new rule and it's just as easy for you to get caught on the wrong side of this law. Even missing an insurance payment for 24 hours can mean you'll have to find another way home.

Officers say the tough new policy is to protect people on the roads and make it easier for cops to enforce the law.

Under the old law officers would have to go through the DMV to get the plate removed. This change streamlines the system and requires the plate to be taken.

So what's the big deal? We have a big problem in NC with un-insured drivers (a lot are migrant workers) and if this law keeps people insured then great. If there is a instant penalty for being caught without insurance then more people will be weary of driving illegally and in my opinion that's a good thing. This article from TV 3 is looking at it like a bad thing and that's something I don't understand, but then I guess a nine car pile-up caused by an un-insured illegal alien is more news worthy then two insured little old ladies in a fender bender.

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