Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Spending Too Much $$$ On Illegals


The cost of educating children of illegal immigrants in North Carolina is more than 20 times what it was 10 years ago, and some argue the money would be better spent on other students.

A study by the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed educating illegal immigrants' children costs the state an estimated $210 million a year. Ten years before, the figure was less than $10 million.

The state has already been overwhelmed trying to pay for people who are supposed to be here, said Ron Woodard, director of the Cary-based group N.C. Listen, which advocates for greater immigration restrictions.

"Why are we having to spend money on people who are here illegally?" Woodard said in a series appearing this week in the News & Observer of Raleigh.

A very good question. North Carolians shell out big bucks to pay for all types of social programs for illegal aliens. This is wrong, wrong and just plain wrong. Remember legal immigration is good, jumping the fence is trespassing so use the front door or stay out.

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