Saturday, February 11, 2006

USS Kitty Hawk Wanted



It could be up to six years before the USS Kitty Hawk retires. That gives a Wilmington banker time to find a home for the ship.

Last month, Rick Willetts proposed anchoring the Kitty Hawk in Wilmington. He says there are issues of both money and logistics to solve before that could happen.

The 1,046-foot-long ship with a four-acre flight deck would have to come up the Cape Fear River, but it wouldn't fit under the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. But it's believed Wilmington is the best place for the ship that's now stationed in Japan to go after it's replaced by the USS George Washington in 2008.

Business leaders are backing the idea. Willetts says he sees making the ship a destination for large local gatherings. After the discussion became public, he said he received an unsolicited offer of $100,000.

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