Saturday, March 11, 2006

Because I Can!

That's the topic of this weeks Tar Heel Tavern. And as I sit here and ponder this pharse a few thoughts come to mind.
I work because I can.
I play because I can.
I read because I can.
I hack because I can.
I love because I can.
I blog because I can.
It seems to me that everything I do I do because I can. I may not do it very well but do it I do. I'm not one to sit on my butt and do nothing, although I could, I instead choose to do something because I can. I now wonder why I can do these things. Is it because I'm special? No, everyone is special in some odd way but that doesn't mean they can do what I do. I do the things I do because they make me happy, they complete my life and fill it with joy. Although my skin is white and I'm male, I'm a minority. I'm an individual, one of a kind. I'm me and I do everything because I can. Take this blog for instance, it may not be very good but it brings me joy and I do it because I can. What can you do?

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Comments on "Because I Can!"


Blogger Erin said ... (12 March, 2006 14:45) : 

What can *I* do? Ha! Thanks for asking!

Today, I took my 16 year old son to Wal-Mart. He tried to stay 6 paces behind me while I skipped and sang the Zoopals song to embarrass him. "Why" you ask...

... because I can!!!


Blogger David said ... (12 March, 2006 20:34) : 

That's great Erin. Thanks for stopping by.

I guess it would be nice to state that this weeks Tar Heel Traven is being hosted by Billy at and that the Tavern's permalink is here.


Blogger Billy Jones said ... (12 March, 2006 22:14) : 

Great post, David, thanks for becoming a part of our group.

No fair, teenagers are too easily embarrassed... Can you send me the lyrics? (My kid is grown but I've got my brother's kids to embarrass.


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