Friday, March 10, 2006

Elon University Poll Results


North Carolinians are unsure whether House Speaker Jim Black, whose campaign is under investigation for potentially accepting illegal contributions, should stay in office or resign, according to a survey released Tuesday.

The Elon University Poll also showed that North Carolina residents support changing state laws on the gasoline tax and the minimum wage.

The poll found that while many people little or no confidence in Black, respondents were divided over whether he should resign or stay in office. About one-third said they didn't know what he should do.

The State Board of Elections is investigation the campaign of Black, D-Mecklenburg, for potentially accepting illegal contributions from his fellow optometrists and from corporations. His office also has provided thousands of pages in documents to a federal grand jury investigating, among other things, the video poker and lottery industries.

"Clearly, Mr. Black is walking a fine-line with citizens at this point," poll director Hunter Bacot said in a news release. "Most appear equally divided, or at least equally confused about the ordeal, such that no one seems real sure about what they want him to do."

The poll of 321 North Carolina residents conducted Feb. 20-23 and Feb. 26-March 2 has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 5.58 percentage points.

When asked how much confidence they have in Black, more than 28 percent said they had "some confidence," nearly 20 percent said "not much confidence" and 18 percent said "no confidence at all."

Thirty percent of those surveyed said Black should resign from office, 25 percent said he should remain in office while 35 percent said they didn't know.

The poll found that 60 percent of those surveyed wanted the General Assembly to change the law that permits the gasoline tax to rise and fall automatically every six months. Seventeen percent said they wanted to keep the law as is. The gasoline rose from 27.1 cents per gallon to 29.9 cents on Jan. 1. The tax is recalculated twice annually based on the average wholesale cost of fuel.

Nearly 79 percent of those polled agreed or strongly agreed that the minimum wage in North Carolina should be raised. Of this group, 45 percent wanted raised from $5.15 per hour to more than $6.50, while another 25 percent picked $6.50. Legislation pending in the General Assembly would raise the minimum to $6.

"The most eye opening view is the unequivocal support for an increase in the minimum wage," Bacot said.

I wasn't polled but if I was here are some of my answers.
Confidence in Black - No! That's a no-brainer
Should Black Resign - Yes! and if he doesn't he should be voted out
Change the gas tax - Yes! Another no-brainer
Raise minimum wage - No! We should do away with minimum wage

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Blogger babyhalo19 said ... (09 June, 2006 20:33) : 

Elon University is my dream college! do you go there? hopefully you'll check out my blog and we can get to know each other :)


Blogger David said ... (11 June, 2006 11:43) : 

No Erin, I don't go to Elon. I'm a bit out of the normal college age group at 31. I'm checking your blog right now. Thanks for stopping by.


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