Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gideons To Pass Out Bibles In Brunswick Schools


It's a decision that could bring a lot of attention to Brunswick County schools. The Gideons will soon be allowed to make copies of the New Testament available to students on school grounds.

The Christian group requested the privilege in a letter to the school board, and Vice Chairman Shirley Babson voted in their favor.

"I just believe that we do live in a free country, and that means Christians are free too," Babson said. "I'm very concerned about the moral decline of our country, and I believe it comes on not basing our ethics and morals on what the Bible says."

Separation of church and state laws made other school board members leery.

Board Chairman Scott Milligan voted "no."

"Once you open that door for distribution of materials, it's all or none," Milligan said.

Milligan thinks allowing the Christian literature in the schools is short-sighted. He warns the board will not be allowed to discriminate among other groups like Muslims, Mormons and atheists.

Despite the potential ramifications, the Gideons have a lot of support with parents.

I see no problem with this. If a kid wants it fine if not fine. If other regilious groups want to pass out material that's ok too.

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