Friday, March 17, 2006

Spring Is In the Air

Can't you tell? If not stop by my house. The grill is hot and the sandboxes are open for business. You'll find me getting ready for spring with honeydo and daddydo lists in hand.

First up is my 5 year old's request for a club house. I got started on it late Wednesday afternoon. My first plan was to tear down one of our old tobacco stick barns and use lumber from that to build the club house. But with it being grown up and me unable to get the chainsaw running I had to resort to buying lumber. We decided on a raised fort type club house. So Wednesday I had the 4 posts set in the ground with bracings ready to pour concrete once I got them level. So Thursday, I went out to level everything and it collapsed. My wife laughed at me from inside the house. After I got it framed back up and standing it was level, so I poured some concrete mix and water in each hole and mixed it up. I then left it to set. Later that day after returning home from soccer practice with my 11 year old I drill holes for carriage bolts and attached the plateform frame and then inserted the middle floor joist (I have 2 more to put in). My 5 year old son approves so far telling me that, "it's coming along good when you work on it." That project is on hold till Monday since I have to work 12 hour shifts today through Sunday.

A little project for all 3 kids was to move the swingset from the backyard to the side where I'm building the club house. The wife, 11 year old and me did that one pretty quick and I even got it anchored down for the wife's well being.

Once the club house is finished I have to tear the barn down to get lumber for a chicken coop. For some reason the wife and kids now want us to raise a few laying hens. What they want they shall get.

I serviced the lawn mower Wednesday afternoon while waiting on the wife to pick the kids up from school and make a lumber run. My 5 year informed that the backyard needed to be mowed. In case you haven't noticed he keeps me in line. The backyard is now mowed.

Another request from the wife and 11 year old is to stop the go-cart chain from jumping off. I've adjusted, beat and spaced everything, put that doesn't help the fact that my daughter can find and run through wide open every hole, dip, depression and bump in the yard along our 1/4 mile dirt drive, along the field roads and in the fields while running said go-cart full thottle. She drives a lot like her mother.

My 3 year has only requested to help me work and to play soccer game.

The family has also requested I get us a bigger better RC plane. I'm looking for one on the net.

A big project that I'm dreading is to get the pool in shape. That's one job I can't stand. But I'll do it.

The wife has me hanging sheetrock and molding throughout the house and installing a garden tub in a soon to be re-modeled bathroom.

I have a lot of work to do now but that's okay. I enjoy making my kids happy, and I have to make the wife happy. Once the do lists are finished and before they can think of something to add I hope to get a round or 2 of golf in because daddy has to do for daddy also.

Oh yes, spring is in the air.

This is my submission to The Tarheel Tavern which is being hosted by TechnoDad.

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