Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Memorial for Seeing Eye Dog?


A blind woman is expected to ask the Carrboro Town Council on Tuesday for a memorial to her beloved guide dog.

In October 2005, police say Stephen Coffee hit Aoife Iredale and her dog, Inca, at a bus stop.

Iredale suffered serious leg and head injuries. Inca died in the accident.

Investigators say Coffee was drunk at the time.

Why? Why should Carrboro use taxpayers money for a memorial for a dog? I can understand that Miss Iredale is upset that her dog was killed. I understand that this dog was very special to her and that this type of trained animal is expensive. But I don't see the need for a memerial for this dog. Now if some private individuals and or businesses want to put a memerial that would be great but not for the city.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19 December, 2006 05:07) : 

Even if she or another individual/company is privately financing the memorial, she probably has to ask the council for permission etc, anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16 March, 2007 22:57) : 

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